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Well, this time I wanted to share how hosting on blogger or blogspot. so, for those of you who only intend to buy the domain only, while hosting a free will then you can try this way, this time I just wanted to share my experience about how to play the bitter sweetness of the follow-up blogging on free hosting, in my opinion, not a free hosting service so bad, I wore yesterday alias month free hosting hostinger and using Wordpress CMS 3.2.1, was really exciting idea, there we gradually learn
per-horse's, an uppps per code. but the problem is when the fun toys tu blog, we want to be rich at will how to desaig our blog, server instead of down, I do not know sii server down or damaged my wordpress

installation, upset all day that day. I left then the right brain was thinking, if this is how, over mending my U-turn, come back to play the game of ama blogger, it means that we keep our domain hosting buy while joining in on the blogger. we go into a stage of hosting
  • register for free DNS service, if I use DNS Park.
  • after the list enter your domain without www
  • add a CNAME record by adding www or whatever you want, there are two that I tried to like or
  • on its dyn enter
  • if it is saved. go into your domain server.
  • enter a new server from the dns service park.
  • after that you go to blogger
  • select one of your blog that you want to redirect, it means you have to make a first blog on blogspot.
  • select the setting
  • select a publishing
  • select the domain change compliance
  • the words you already own a domain? switch to advanced settings, select it
  • enter the domain that you created in the DNS enter the park before, if you use the www / subdomain, enter it.
  • save
  • patient, and wait, the process usually takes place during 1x24 hours or more, I myself waited about 24 hours more to get blogging again.
okeee, hope a successful man.
greetings :)

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  1. tell in more detail as you set up a panel and give the дштл with contacts...

  2. I might say everything from the statement were all informative and gives more knowledgeable for us. I want to get more information more from this.

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