PTC (pay per click)

PTC is a name for business sites online with the system paid for each click on their ads, the price of each ad is different sometimes, PTC is there that both local and outside.

here I'll share a little about this PTC

1. memberbux
PTC is one of the sites out, the price of advertising, there are 0.1 or 0001 dollars, because the ads a lot then usahalah every day so many acquisition. Please sign click here

2. Neobux
PTC is also one outside, which proved to pay, please googling if you want to find information about NeoBux is fraud or not, the excess ads sometimes appear in a few times, so when you have the opportunity to click, just click his ad then they will pay you. Please sign click here

3. WordLinx
just like PTC others, please register here

5. yimbux
your instant money, PTC is also one outside to give $ 0.15 per click, list here

6. AyuWage
This site has always provided an update ads, those ads with an update we can get 200 points every day even more, the PTC is very suitable for those of you who are always online. want register here

still many other PTC sites, for while it used to, I'll update Wassalam. :)

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